Oliver J. Flanagan by Michael Loughman

Oliver J. Flanagan was for many years a divisive, controversial and at times eccentric figure in Irish politics. He was amongst the longest-serving T.D.s in the history of the state serving continuously from 1943 until 1987 for the Laois-Offaly constituency and for most of this period he was a member of Fine Gael. During his […]


THE GAS MEN OF MARYBOROUGH by John Dunne On the evening of Thursday, January 21, 1858, the town of Maryborough, for the very first time, was lit by gas.  But why did this landmark event in the town’s history come as a surprise to the very Company set up to bring gas to the town? […]

Mountmellick Lace. By Bridie Dunne

Mountmellick Lace By Bridie Dunne Since its establishment the M.D.A. has been involved in promoting and conserving the local heritage. Having received a Millennium Recognition Award funded through Area Development Management it was decided to build a museum. Further funding from Laois LEADER Rural Development Co. Ltd. was received and the Mountmellick Museum is now complete. The main focus of […]

Anti-tithe meeting at the “Great Heath” 1838. By Jackie Hyland

Anti-tithe meeting at the “Great Heath” 1838. By Jackie Hyland The tithes were a church tax or levy on agricultural produce and livestock. From the middle ages, the church had received this levy, notionally one-tenth of earnings, for the support of the clergy. This tax sometimes collected in kind from agricultural produce had been converted […]

Col. James Fitzmaurice – Ireland’s Greatest Aviator

Col. James Fitzmaurice – Ireland’s Greatest Aviator by Teddy Fennelly World War One hastened the advancement of aircraft technology. From use as an experimental armament of war in 1914, its enhanced mobility, stability and speed had established the airplane as an essential weapon of warfare by the time hostilities ceased in 1918. When peace was […]

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