The cholera pandemic of 1832 – presented a similar threat to Ireland as Covid 19

The cholera pandemic of 1832  – presented a similar threat to Ireland as Covid 19 Teddy Fennelly tells the story Ireland is in almost complete shutdown in an all-out attempt to stop the spread of the deadly virus, Covid 19. The worldwide range of the epidemic is unprecedented in modern times. We live in the […]

Oliver J. Flanagan by Michael Loughman

Oliver J. Flanagan was for many years a divisive, controversial and at times eccentric figure in Irish politics. He was amongst the longest-serving T.D.s in the history of the state serving continuously from 1943 until 1987 for the Laois-Offaly constituency and for most of this period he was a member of Fine Gael. During his […]

The Mountmellick Sugar Factory

The Mountmellick Sugar Factory A talk by Laois Heritage Society President Teddy Fennelly and Roy Meredith, organised by Laois Heritage Society. This was the first attempt in Ireland to replace imported sugar cane by locally produced sugar beet in the middle of the 19th century. The Mountmellick venture, which was backed by some well-known personalities, […]

Col. James Fitzmaurice – Ireland’s Greatest Aviator

Col. James Fitzmaurice – Ireland’s Greatest Aviator by Teddy Fennelly World War One hastened the advancement of aircraft technology. From use as an experimental armament of war in 1914, its enhanced mobility, stability and speed had established the airplane as an essential weapon of warfare by the time hostilities ceased in 1918. When peace was […]

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