ULYSSES IN LAOIS by John Dunne Since it was first published in Paris in 1922, James Joyce’s Ulysses continues to have a curious sort of dual existence. On one hand, it is regularly proclaimed the Greatest Modernist Novel: on the other, it is one of the Most Unfinished Masterpieces of World Literature; year after year, […]

John Canon O’Hanlon – the man and his legacy by Teddy Fennelly

John Canon O’Hanlon (1821-1905) was an outstanding man of his generation.    His story is a marvellous one of a full life, well lived.   He was a man with a mission, in his search for knowledge and his sharing of it, in the spreading of the Christian message, and in his love for the country of […]

The cholera pandemic of 1832 – presented a similar threat to Ireland as Covid 19

The cholera pandemic of 1832  – presented a similar threat to Ireland as Covid 19 Teddy Fennelly tells the story Ireland is in almost complete shutdown in an all-out attempt to stop the spread of the deadly virus, Covid 19. The worldwide range of the epidemic is unprecedented in modern times. We live in the […]

Vicarstown Walk and Talk

Natural & Built Heritage Walk on the Grand Canal Laois Meeting at Crean’s Pub Vicarstown at 2 pm – 4.30pm on Saturday 31st. We will walk from the Grattan Aqueduct to the Camac Aqueduct approximately 3km. Along the way, we encourage people to take photographs of plants, wildlife and built heritage on your mobiles or […]

Laois Heritage Society 2019